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Pine trunk felled auckland tree services

ArborTechniX are a nationally registered, fully qualified and insured group of professional arborists specialising in all aspects of tree work & management.

With over 12 years experience within the industry Arbortechnix remains at the forefront of modern arboricultural techniques, methods & practises, operating throughout all spheres of the professional tree environment, from contracting aerial work, to forestry, to the private & commercial sectors.

Specialising in large tree work, Arbortechnix offers canopy reshaping, structural thinning & percentage reductions to create a natural balance between modern urban/domestic living environment and the trees that add colour to our landscapes and cities alike. Confined space lowering & specialist aerial climbing techniques enable our arborists to work safely and quickly within all challenging situations, guaranteeing final placement, accuracy of felling and the required end result individually assessed from concept to completion.

Offering risk assessments, tree surveys & comprehensive tree management schedules as standard practise our fully insured professionals are equipped to advise, recommend & implement arboricultural solutions for the many structural, physical and aesthetic challenges modern tree work presents within an urban and rural setting.

From reductions, target pruning, canopy balancing to complete demolition & take-down operations Arbortechnix offer a total tree-care service with the future management of our surroundings inspiring the professional attitude and approach that leave us at the forefront of the modern arboricultural industry today in NZ.

Servicing Auckland and all major surrounding areas, ensure you trust your tree care to the professionals. Call our offices today for a free consultation & estimate.

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