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Resource Consent

The resource consent process is designed to safeguard and protect the unique tree environment that surrounds us & to ensure an environmental/urban balance between our cities and bushscapes alike.


How to apply for Resource Consent

Why do I need Resource Consent?The Application ProcessHow Much Will It CostHow Long Will It TakeForm Download
Why do I need Resource Consent? Resource consent is an essential process which must be adhered to where relevant to ensure our towns, cities & rural areas alike are not unnecessarily denuded, exploited or spoiled to preserve New Zealand's amazing natural habitat.
Everyone accepts building & development of our towns & cities is an ongoing and essential process, & that personal circumstances/living conditions require varying and diverse solutions. The Resource consent process is in place to guarantee the best result with a view to preserving environmental heritage as an ongoing & essential theme.
The Application Process Firstly we must establish the need for a consent application;
  • Physical address 'zoning' of the property/section. Different zones dictate different regulations & degrees of protection.
  • Species related: Native trees are usually protected. Certain introductions (none-native) may also be protected as an 'exotic'.
  • Physical dimension: Height, girth measurements dictating maturity of specimen at regulation dimensions.
  • Certificates of Title (CT's): Trees may be linked to original building plans or listed as protected as a condition within original builds.
How Much Will It Cost? Generally the application process is free, however there may be extenuating circumstances (additional information requiring arborist's reports, structural surveys etc) that require additional expense to lend weight to secure a positive outcome.
Every application is individually assessed & advice may be obtained from professionals as to the best course of action generally as an inspection service.
Most professional/reputable arborist companies are able to offer this service and guide you through the process if required.
How Long Will It Take? Generally the entire process takes 21 days to reach its natural conclusion from initial lodgement, through consideration to final decision. However different council areas have differing target times within which they endeavour to process applications, and time frames may differ if the application has complications, special circumstances or criteria requiring additional information.
You or your agent (if appointed) will receive notification of the outcome via email (if requested) and always by post once a decision has been reached. This decision will be explained in detail whether favourable or declined and all motivating factors outlined for your information.
If you disagree with this decision you have a right to appeal within a designated time frame.
Form Download Resource consent form 262; 'Application for Resource Consent - trees' is available for download within the Arbortechnix web\site for your convenience. Simply click the link below and download, then print the Auckland council form.

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Download Resource Consent Form